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    The “Workumer Jachthaven” is a sociable, middle size harbour with about 200 moorings and is fitted with all modern comfort ensuring a pleasant stay with us. Due to its central location you are able to choose between two areas to navigate. Directly from the harbour you can sail away on the stately Southwest-Frisian lake area. You’ll find there tranquillity, offing and shelter. Via the sea lock you will be in approximately half an hour on the Lake IJssel and have the opportunity to navigate along the untainted Frisian coast.


    The size of the harbour makes our harbour jovial. And through the automatic barrier, of whom the permanent berth holders will receive a pass, in combination with the harbourmasters house at the harbour entrance, you are assured of a more than average check on the coming and going people.

    You can park your car close to your ship. Getting onboard is easy due to the alongside pier. Of course electricity and water are within reach. For jobs on your ship you can visit the ship's store and in the workplace, including for do-it-yourself work. On the site you can also find a laundry. The children will in the meantime enjoy themselves with the toys on the playground.

    The port is located on the edge of Workum, near the station.In about 15 minutes you can walk to the Centre of Workum, with the car it will take you only a few minutes. You can also borrow a bike from us.

    Workumer Jachthaven - Parallelwei 7 - 8711 CH Workum - Telefoon: 0515 - 541855 - Fax: 0515 - 541708 - E-mail:

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